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Mark Fogwill – Technical Director

I wanted to write to you whilst the memories and images of the World Games Ceremonies are all still vividly fresh; to thank you for your support on this very successful project.

Your crew’s knowledge of the venue and enthusiasm for getting the job done was a massive bonus for us with the limited build and turnaround time available at the stadium.

Ernesto and Elmer have done a great job, ably supporting our site management team at every step of the production, so please would you pass on our sincere thanks to them.

Please could you pass on our thanks to all of the team that supported the Stage Managers for their efforts and for coping with the long calls and last-minute changes.

We are enormously grateful to you for your support of People and we look forward continuing to work closely with you on future projects.

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Mark Fogwill – Technical Director

As we are now down to our last couple of days on-site and I watch your crew diligently clearing up the site, I wanted to write a quick note of thanks and to recognise the importance of the contribution the Gulf Crewing ‘boys’ make to the success and smooth running of our projects.

As an integral part of our site management team, Rahul and his crew completely understand the workings of the site and what is required to support the site managers; always working proactively and efficiently; and always putting in 100%.

Please could you pass on our sincere thanks to all of your crew – there are far too many to name, but I would be grateful if you would give special thanks to Rahul for his fine leadership. I know that John John and Matt particularly enjoy working with Rahul and I hope that he feels the same.

The feedback from the client and the Worldskills International team has been 100% positive and I think we can all be proud of what we achieved in such a short period of time. So, thank you again.

I look forward to working with you all very soon on upcoming projects.

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Matt Gentle – Site Manager QAH15

I have worked with GCC for a few years now and find them a top quality supplier. On projects such as Qasr Al Hosn where we need support for months the consistency and quality of service provided by GCC are second to none. Not only do we have the support and knowledge of a fantastic crew boss such as Rahul but the management internally and support for the crew from Alelie is superb. Last minute requests are handled with ease. From an account management perspective there is always clarity in accounting from quotations to invoices they quite simply make a client’s life a lot easier. A joy to work with you on all levels.

Odette Calder – Site Co-coordinator

Mark Fogwill – Technical Director, Qasr al Hosn Festival

My first time working with GCC and I have to say it’s been a real pleasure. The guys are all extremely hard-working and come to work everyday with a smile on their faces and an excellent attitude for the entire day. Should I come back to UAE in the future there’s no question where I’d go for my local crew. Rahul and Emman have been a great addition to our team for the whole project and I really hope that the next time I get some GCC boys in that one (or preferably both) of them are on the crew.

QASR AL Hosn Festival 2015

This is my third year of involvement in the Qasr al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi and I cannot imagine the project running smoothly or to schedule without the support of the GCC crew. We have been lucky enough to have our favorite crew chief again this year and with a relatively small but dedicated and practical crew, a massive amount of work has been achieved. They are an integral part of the Production team and are reliable and diligent. It is a pleasure to work alongside them.

Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2016

Hi Nigel,

Now that the dust has settled on QAH 16….. a note of thanks for the supreme effort your ‘Deep Clean Crew’ put into the cleaning of our theatre auditorium.

The sight of a derelict building with seats half removed and piles of spalling concrete covering the stalls seating should have been enough to put anybody off, but the boys went about their business in a regimented fashion and transformed the place into a working environment in a couple of weeks. Well done and well managed by Qaisar, this team compliments the main crew of Rahul and Emman, without whom the festival would probably not happen.

I have suggested to our management that GCC should be considered as cleaning contractors for the whole site.

bws Mick Wicks
CFB Production Manager

DIFC 10th Anniversary Event

I would like to offer an assessment and a thank you to Gulf Crewing Company for their efforts throughout the build, show and de-rig of the DIFC 10th Anniversary Event.

In my experience, operating a site of this size whilst the area is utilized by the public on a daily basis is a constant battle. The GCC crew not only alleviated that burden from my workload, but left me feeling assured that the site would operate in a clean and safe manner when I was not able to be present. 
I would like to praise GCC for the efforts in site management and also for the professional show mentality to help our finale shine with twenty crew harnessed on the roof’s edge to deliver the pixel rain which was only rehearsed once with four crew.

Many thanks to all from GCC involved both onsite and at their head office managing the operational aspects.


Andrew Stevens 

Technical Director
HQ Creative LLC.

UAE 44th National Day 2015

GCC have been assisting in all Flash Entertainment events for the past seven years providing a lot of manpower that makes our events happen. Nigel and his staff provide complicated shows that I have ever had to the pleasure to be a part of, UAE 44th National Day at Zayed Sport City here in the capital Abu Dhabi. Over the course of 3,259 shifts and nearly 39,000 man-hours a small army of production and site crew labored tirelessly to produce a truly world class celebration.

The “Men in Black” did an amazing job of supporting this events on so many levels and I would not hesitate to endorse them.

Yours Faithfully,

bws Lee Charteris
Vice President Operations