DIFC 10th Anniversary Event

I would like to offer an assessment and a thank you to Gulf Crewing Company for their efforts throughout the build, show and de-rig of the DIFC 10th Anniversary Event.

In my experience, operating a site of this size whilst the area is utilized by the public on a daily basis is a constant battle. The GCC crew not only alleviated that burden from my workload, but left me feeling assured that the site would operate in a clean and safe manner when I was not able to be present. 
I would like to praise GCC for the efforts in site management and also for the professional show mentality to help our finale shine with twenty crew harnessed on the roof’s edge to deliver the pixel rain which was only rehearsed once with four crew.

Many thanks to all from GCC involved both onsite and at their head office managing the operational aspects.


Andrew Stevens 

Technical Director
HQ Creative LLC.

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