Listed below are the services ESMME can provide for Stadium, Arena, and Festival Green Field Sites

Site/venue design

This bespoke service includes comprehensive and thorough dynamic space and sightline analysis to ensure a safe crowd flow on ingress, circulation and egress. Every aspect of crowd dynamics will be considered to ensure the safest solutions.

Event Emergency Response & Evacuation Plans

At the strategic, tactical and operational level ESMME will incorporate in the event planning comprehensive contingency plans to combat the risk of any minor or major incident. ESMME will provide detailed plans to partially or fully evacuate the facility depending on the severity of the known threat.

Event Crowd Management Plans

ESSME will include concise profiling and crowd density flow analysis to identify, locate and mitigate against potential pinch points, bottlenecks and potential crowd density issues. Steward and Security staffing (dot plans) recommendations will be assessed according to event requirements. ESMME will use UK industry guidelines to provide event organizers with the correct crowd flow management recommendations for all phases of the event.

Full site/venue H&S Risk Assessments

ESMME will uphold the highest standards of safety and will ensure contractors, subcontractors, concessionaires provide method statements, are fully risk assessed and hold correct documentation and up to date safety certifications to work within the event site. ESMME will constantly monitor all event contractors to make sure worker duty of care and PPE requirements are adhered to. Continuous up-to-date assessment and site safety inspections from load in to load out will be conducted throughout.

Event Day Control – Crowd Safety Management

ESMME can provide Event Day Control, this includes event briefings and full Tactical Management from doors opening to the conclusion of the event. This will include potential show stop procedures and contingency management in the event of a major incident.

Training/workshops – Emergency Services & Stewarding Teams

ESMME can provide workshops and training to UK industry standard to facilitate all phases of event organization and crowd management.

Post Event reports

ESMME will provide a full detailed report of your event and provide a summary and recommendations to act as feedback and a learning platform for future events.