• As things are calming down a little in the run up to Christmas, I wanted to drop you a brief note of thanks for your continued support on all of our projects.

    From my side, Ernesto and Hari have done a fantastic job here at the new Al Hosn Festival and I know that Matt and Howard are really pleased and grateful for their support. I know that Mick and Jake are equally complimentary regarding Praveen and Edwin’s work at Nurai Island.

    Please could you pass on our sincere thanks to them and to all of your crew – there are far too many to name.

    The feedback from all of the clients has been 100% positive and I think we can all be proud of what has been achieved in such a short period of time. The Al Hosn Festival is gathering momentum through images and video shared on Social Media and hosting over 3,000 visitors a day – so, again this is a fantastic result for all of us.

    Thanks again; I look forward to working with you all very soon on upcoming projects.

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    Mark Fogwill – Technical Director

  • I wanted to write to you whilst the memories and images of the World Games Ceremonies are all still vividly fresh; to thank you for your support on this very successful project.

    Your crew’s knowledge of the venue and enthusiasm for getting the job done was a massive bonus for us with the limited build and turnaround time available at the stadium.

    Ernesto and Elmer have done a great job, ably supporting our site management team at every step of the production, so please would you pass on our sincere thanks to them.

    Please could you pass on our thanks to all of the team that supported the Stage Managers for their efforts and for coping with the long calls and last-minute changes.

    We are enormously grateful to you for your support of People and we look forward continuing to work closely with you on future projects.

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    Mark Fogwill – Technical Director

  • As we are now down to our last couple of days on-site and I watch your crew diligently clearing up the site, I wanted to write a quick note of thanks and to recognise the importance of the contribution the Gulf Crewing ‘boys’ make to the success and smooth running of our projects.

    As an integral part of our site management team, Rahul and his crew completely understand the workings of the site and what is required to support the site managers; always working proactively and efficiently; and always putting in 100%.

    Please could you pass on our sincere thanks to all of your crew – there are far too many to name, but I would be grateful if you would give special thanks to Rahul for his fine leadership. I know that John John and Matt particularly enjoy working with Rahul and I hope that he feels the same.

    The feedback from the client and the Worldskills International team has been 100% positive and I think we can all be proud of what we achieved in such a short period of time. So, thank you again.

    I look forward to working with you all very soon on upcoming projects.

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    Mark Fogwill – Technical Director

  • I have worked with GCC for a few years now and find them a top quality supplier. On projects such as Qasr Al Hosn where we need support for months the consistency and quality of service provided by GCC are second to none. Not only do we have the support and knowledge of a fantastic crew boss such as Rahul but the management internally and support for the crew from Alelie is superb. Last minute requests are handled with ease. From an account management perspective there is always clarity in accounting from quotations to invoices they quite simply make a client’s life a lot easier. A joy to work with you on all levels.

    Odette Calder – Site Co-coordinator

    Matt Gentle – Site Manager QAH15

  • What can I say? No task too big, achieved with confidence and efficiency. Rahul leads from the front, always interested and motivated. Emmam equally has shown all the qualities of being a top crew boss. They are part of the WRG team and integral to this job.

    John Armstrong – Construction Manager QAH15

  • What can I say? No task too big, achieved with confidence and efficiency. Rahul leads from the front, always interested and motivated. Emmam equally has shown all the qualities of being a top crew boss. They are part of the WRG team and integral to this job.

    John Armstrong – Construction Manager QAH15

  • My first time working with GCC and I have to say it’s been a real pleasure. The guys are all extremely hard-working and come to work everyday with a smile on their faces and an excellent attitude for the entire day. Should I come back to UAE in the future there’s no question where I’d go for my local crew. Rahul and Emman have been a great addition to our team for the whole project and I really hope that the next time I get some GCC boys in that one (or preferably both) of them are on the crew.

    Mark Fogwill – Technical Director, Qasr al Hosn Festival

  • This is my third year of involvement in the Qasr al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi and I cannot imagine the project running smoothly or to schedule without the support of the GCC crew. We have been lucky enough to have our favorite crew chief again this year and with a relatively small but dedicated and practical crew, a massive amount of work has been achieved. They are an integral part of the Production team and are reliable and diligent. It is a pleasure to work alongside them.

    QASR AL Hosn Festival 2015

  • Hi Nigel,

    Now that the dust has settled on QAH 16….. a note of thanks for the supreme effort your ‘Deep Clean Crew’ put into the cleaning of our theatre auditorium.

    The sight of a derelict building with seats half removed and piles of spalling concrete covering the stalls seating should have been enough to put anybody off, but the boys went about their business in a regimented fashion and transformed the place into a working environment in a couple of weeks. Well done and well managed by Qaisar, this team compliments the main crew of Rahul and Emman, without whom the festival would probably not happen.

    I have suggested to our management that GCC should be considered as cleaning contractors for the whole site.

    bws Mick Wicks
    CFB Production Manager

    Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2016

  • I would like to offer an assessment and a thank you to Gulf Crewing Company for their efforts throughout the build, show and de-rig of the DIFC 10th Anniversary Event.

    In my experience, operating a site of this size whilst the area is utilized by the public on a daily basis is a constant battle. The GCC crew not only alleviated that burden from my workload, but left me feeling assured that the site would operate in a clean and safe manner when I was not able to be present. 
I would like to praise GCC for the efforts in site management and also for the professional show mentality to help our finale shine with twenty crew harnessed on the roof’s edge to deliver the pixel rain which was only rehearsed once with four crew.

Many thanks to all from GCC involved both onsite and at their head office managing the operational aspects.


    Andrew Stevens 

    Technical Director
    HQ Creative LLC.

    DIFC 10th Anniversary Event

  • GCC have been assisting in all Flash Entertainment events for the past seven years providing a lot of manpower that makes our events happen. Nigel and his staff provide complicated shows that I have ever had to the pleasure to be a part of, UAE 44th National Day at Zayed Sport City here in the capital Abu Dhabi. Over the course of 3,259 shifts and nearly 39,000 man-hours a small army of production and site crew labored tirelessly to produce a truly world class celebration.

    The “Men in Black” did an amazing job of supporting this events on so many levels and I would not hesitate to endorse them.

    Yours Faithfully,

    bws Lee Charteris
    Vice President Operations

    UAE 44th National Day 2015

  • Hi Nigel,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the crew that was provided to work on props for this year’s DWC. They did a sterling job and should be proud of their achievements – as well as their ability to put up with me barking orders at them every 30 seconds.

    Best regards,

    Jeremy Doncaster
    Operations & Logistics Manager
    DWC 2016

    Dubai World Cup Meydan Dubai 2016

  • I would like to express my gratitude to Gulf Crewing Company for all the hard work put into the UAE 44th National Day, 2015 project. Gulf Crewing Company delivered a great service from the management of the project to the quality of the crew provided. Everybody worked exceptionally well to ensure the execution of the show was absolutely flawless. Every department was extremely happy with the attitude, competence and professionalism of the crew you supplied. We hope to work with you again in the future. Best regards,

    people Janis Gipslis | FIVECURRENTS
    Plant and Crew Manager
    UAE National Day 2015, Abu Dhabi

    UAE 44th National Day 2015

  • Another year, another Qasr al Hosn Festival! Bigger and better than ever; the festival was a great success this year with visitor numbers far exceeding last years’.

    As ever, the event is made a success by the efforts of the hundreds of talented and dedicated people who all work so hard to make it the best event they have been a part of.

    I was so pleased when you confirmed that Rahul and Emman would be working with us again this year – it really wouldn’t be the same without them. They and all of the crew did a fantastic job throughout and were a great support to Matt and John John and the rest of the Site Team – for which we are very grateful.

    I know the boys are looking forward to some well deserved time off, so please do sign- off their leave requests! And pass on our sincere thanks for their hard work throughout the project.

    people Mark Fogwill
    People Creative
    Technical Director
    Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2016

    Qasr al Hosn Festival 2016

  • Gulf Crewing deserves to be nominated and recommended to all those who need a serious and competent professional support around UAE. Able to meet all the requirements even when arriving at the last minute. All of this with a smile always painted on the face. It has been a real pleasure to work with you .Thank you

    bws Paolo Quarino,
    Mother of the Nation – Operation Manager
    Balich Worldwide Shows

    Mother Of The Nation – Adnec Abu Dhabi 2016

  • “Through out two and half months of being onsite for the build of Cavalia show at QasrAlHosn, GCC haven proved not only their crew will make it easier on us but also stepped in forward to provide us with an experienced stable hands. GCC were very accommodating of our requests even the late ones, we always have an answer in regards to whatever kind of crew we are requesting whether they were general crew, riggers and production. not only the crew were speaking decent English but also they were well accommodative of any kind of new requests. even when requested a big number of crew they always come in group and organize as per their work tasks.

    among working with Horses, Dirt and production equipment, GCC made an easier transaction to provide such a smooth delivery of an international event”


    Salem Al Sulaimani
    Operations Officer

  • Gulf Crewing have provide the local crew for the Clusters of Light at the Al Majaz Island Theatre in Sharjah.

    This has been one of the largest events so far in the region with over 150 performers and 60 international crew.

    We looked for support from many local companies and have received impeccable support from Nigel and his team.

    We have utilised many skill basis from local stage hands to site crew , plant drivers and 16 show crew running show calls as well as skilled follow spot operators.

    We have had perfect timekeeping, polite and good humoured crew who have joined in the spirit of this unique challenge.

    Quite literally, and not for the 1st time, we could not have done this without you ….many thanks …load out still to come !

    Spinifex Group

    Nick Levitt
    Project Technical Director

  • I would like to send my gratitude to you and your excellent production team.

    You made everything easy for use. Please send my regards to Nigel Stage Manager.

    Hope to see you all again in the near future

    Best Regards,


  • Hi all,

    Many thanks from myself and the band. Tyrone and I wish ever show we do could be like this.

    All the best

    Many thanks

    John and The Prodigy

  • Dear Alelie,

    I am writing to ask you to thank all the people who worked for Kayam during our time at Abu Dhabi.

    Every one of them was not only hard-working but also a pleasure to have around. We found that the days went very quickly when your crew were helping us.

    I hope that we all meet again sometime soon on some new project.



    Martin Peers


  • Nigel Thanks for all your help for Madonna Show at Yas Arena

    The quality of your crew and the willingness to work and not slack was very refreshing and very surprising.

    If my tours ever bring me that way again you and your crew will be my first call.

    Thank you very much your guys made what could have been a very painful experience into the best we could get.


    Jake Berry
    Madonna Production Director

  • Hi Guys,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for Arne’s help in Khartoum.

    It was a tough job that required a high level of expertise and as always his reliability and professionalism was invaluable.

    What a star!

    Many thanks and all the best.


    Andy Ainsworth
    Technical Manager
    ShowTex Middle East F.Z.C

  • Helloooo GCC

    Once again…

    What can we say.

    Long days, constant changes, challenging condition, hard physical work, brain numbing moments. All carried out quickly, efficiently, without fuss and with big smiles and no complaintsand Aneesh kept us fed

    A huge thankyou to all crew

    You were brilliant

    It was lovely seeing everyone again, working with the professionals, and meeting new crew May you go onwards and upwards (with the aid of pickers, ropes and high spirits)

    Jane Gilbey and Tony Peaker

  • In a region where there is no shortage of companies who claim to possess similar expertise, GCC have proven that there is more to professional crewing in the UAE than putting a shirt on a monkey and calling him experienced.

    As Production and Site manager on many events it is a terrific asset to have a crewing company that I can rely upon and whose team I can trust to undertake each task with enthusiasm, resourcefulness, hard-work & commitment. Being Scots I am rather difficult to impress however I can say that I have been consistently impressed by the high standards to which GCC aspire and the extent to which international event industry working practices, training and continual improvement form an important part of the company’s philosophy. Plus of course having Nigel on site always brings a certain level of confidence, calm and humour to the proceedings…

    As for the rest of the crew…you may just want to police the pies a bit in site catering at lunchtime…;o)

    I look forward to working with your crew again in the near future.

    Malcolm J. McInnes
    Production & Site Manager
    The Royal Household Cavalry Musical Ride - ADIHEX 2009, The Etihad Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix Concerts 2009, Creamfields Abu Dhabi 2009, The Killers / Rihanna - Abu Dhabi 2009, Ultimate Fighting Championships 2009

  • Alelie

    You are amazing, wonderful, and ever so efficient!!

    Thank you very much

    Sharon Goldberg
    Account Manager
    GL events Middle East Tent Trading LLC

  • I was the production director for the Official Ceremony of the 40th anniversary of the UAE in 2012

    This was one of the largest events ever undertaken in the UAE in Sheik Zayhed stadium inAbu Dhabi

    It involved over 1000 cast and 150 international crew as well as enormous support from local suppliers.

    Gulf Crewing provided all our local labour both skilled riggers, plant drivers etc as well as general labour.

    Nigel Beaton oversaw the provision of this labour without which this show would not have been possible.

    He and his company were efficient, respectful and hard working. Nigel was amazingly attentive and helpful using his local knowledge in all areas of our production needs.

    Gulf Crewing are now helping be install a major cultural show in Abu Dhabi.

    Nick Levitt
    Franco Dragone Signature Show, Abu Dhabi Cultural Festival, Live Gallery Media Events Ltd

  • Gulf Crewing- the difference between local labour and skilled crew’

    Gulf Crewing are my crew of choice- I know that I will be able to get the job done quickly, efficiently and on time with a crew I can trust to do what needs done, when it needs done.’

    I have worked with Gulf Crewing on a variety of large complex jobs and have been impressed with their range of skills and pride in their work. They arrive on time, work hard, communicate well, problem solve and don’t leave until the job is done properly- and they smile!’

    ‘Gulf Crewing and Jane and Tony are a great team!’

    Each and every person in Gulf Crewing brings a professionalism to jobs which reflects in the high standard of work, the efficient, flexible way it is carried out and the good feedback that comes from happy clients’

    I could go on and on but I don’t want to be too over the top

    Gulf Crewing are damn good and it has been a pleasure and a privileged to have worked with each and every member of the team and to see the company grow

    Jane Gilbey

  • Flash Entertainment has been working with Gulf Crewing Company since its inception in 2008

    The first event that GCC provided crew for FLASH was for George Michael / Alicia Keys at Zayed Sports City and I am glad to say that they have provided all crewing services to FLASH since then.

    In June 2012 FLASH took one of its largest event undertaking in confirming two Madonna shows at Yasarena Nigel and GCC were one of our first calls.

    Because of the stature of the show we needed to completely re work the YAS Arena site, including the removal of our existing concert stage to build the larger touring stage that would house all the elements of Madonna’s production, stageset, hydraulics, sound, lights, video etc

    Between May 16th and June 13th2012, GCC provided 130+ staff for over 6,200 man hours of labour. Working with FLASH and the 120 Madonna production crew, they played a massive part in the successful delivery of these events.

    As both our companies have grown our relationship has gone from strength to strength, the service provided and the knowledge of events and delivery has improved year on year

    All shows start with an honest, hard working show crew and that is GCC through and through.


    Lee Charteris

  • “My experience with GCC this year at Sandance in Dubai was excellent. As always, Nigel and his crew made sure our show went smoothly with a professional attitude and good attention to detail.”


    Luke Cohen
    Jamiroquai Production Manager

  • Gulf Crewing were engaged to provide all of the local crew support for the National Day Celebrations at Burj Al Arab

    Working across 3 sites , the firework preparation zone and mounting site , the Jumeirah Beach and the Burj Al Arab itself the mission statement was very much to implement the show to the highest possible standard whilst minimising the impact on the day to day running of the hotel and its high profile guests

    Gulf crewing helped to achieve this vision by providing efficiently managed and well presented crew who were seamlessly integrated into the working environment.

    JA Production

    John Adkins
    Managing Director

  • Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2014

    Since it’s inception in 2013, WRG have successfully produced and managed the Qasr al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi. The 2014 Festival was an unprecedented success; with over 63,000 visitors over a ten day period in February; receiving hugely positive feedback on all aspects of content and production.

    The technical and infrastructure requirements of such a large site are immense and complex – not least the on-site delivery and execution. In addition to the overall production, WRG were also responsible for the site preparation and landscaping.

    Having supported WRG on the inaugural Festival and on numerous equally large and successful projects in the interim months, Gulf Crewing were our first choice to supply the general and support crew for the 2014 Festival.

    We feel that our trust was very well placed. Gulf Crewing provided an exceptional core team led by their chief, Rahul. They supported our Site Management team throughout the project, fulfilling key roles such as mechanical plant operation and the distribution of materials, scenery and props.

    During intense periods of the build the team would expand up to 27 crew and overall the Gulf Crewing boys contributed over 5,500 Man / Hours towards the success of the project.

    Nothing was ever a problem for Rahul and his team, from sweeping sand to wading into the lake to help hoist the dhow sails and then on to the inevitable site clear-up of all the debris and waste that gets left behind.

    I have enormous admiration for the Gulf Crewing boys; for their ability to get the job done and work under their own initiative. They are often the unsung heroes on projects when theirs is a significant contribution to the overall success, so I hope that the boys found working on the Festival every bit as rewarding and enjoyable as the technical team did.

    I look forward to working with them all soon.


    Mark Fogwill
    Technical Director

  • Many Thanks to Nigel and his crew for making my day as stress free as possible. Excellent cooperation, knowledgeable, alert attentive crew and very friendly with it.

    Matthew Gurney
    Stage Manager Pet Shop Boys

  • Hey guys,

    Thank you all for an amazing job…. Now try to get some rest.


    Louisa Allen
    Flash Entertainment
    FREEJ 2014

  • Gulf Crewing have the bar set at the same level as mainland European countries when it comes to loading in and out and taking care of Tour Production. It was home from home, apart from the 100 degree heat! Professional, Motivated, Organised, Conscientious and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to going back and being taken care of by the Team – Thanks Guys, you made it a breeze when there wasn’t one!”

    Jason “JD” Danter – Lady Gaga Production 2014